• Oct 29 2012

    Metzeler dominate off-road championships worldwide

    Metzeler continued their off-road domination, with their Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyres winning world and British titles plus the notorious Erzberg Rally.

    In the realm of Extreme Enduro young British Red Bull athlete Jonny Walker has really made a name for himself over the last couple of years. This season he won the notorious Erzberg Hare Scramble in Austria. In a brutal battle of attrition, a total of 1500 entrants are whittled down to a mere handful over the unforgiving cliffs and jagged rocks of the disused Erzberg mine. In these conditions Walker came out on top on his Six Days equipped factory KTM at its home event.

    Closer to home, long time Metzeler rider David Knight powered his way to a unsurpassed tenth British Enduro Championship to cement his almost legendary status in this tough sport. Manx resident Knighter is now 34 years old but again showed his young competitors controlled aggression and pace as he took a double victory in the final round in Hampshire.

    In the World Enduro Championship the Metzeler Six Days Extreme range of tyres proved themselves once again to be the stand out choice for successful competitors. In the Enduro 1 category (up to 125 cc 2-stroke or 250 cc 4-stroke machines) Antoine Meo dominated the class from fellow Metzeler runner Rodrig Thain.

    The middle Enduro 2 class (250 cc 2-stroke or up to 450 cc 4-stroke) saw Metzeler rider Cristobal Guerrero gain the runner up slot but the final round saw local French Metzeler star Johnny Aubert take a double victory.

    The big thumpers of the Enduro 3 Open class were mastered by KTM factory rider Christophe Nambotin who won his title a round early, took the ‘Xtreme Test Award’ and the Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy, which rewards the fastest rider in the Enduro Tests

    Metzeler UK Marketing Manager Jim Worland commented: “It has been yet another truly dominant display for the class leading Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyres, which just keep on winning. These street legal enduro tyres are now the rubber of choice whether riding in extreme competitions, club events or simply out on the trails for fun. We congratulate David and Jonny as they wave the flag for Britain and Metzeler in both traditional and Extreme events.”

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  • Jun 13 2012

    Erzberg Rodeo winner did it on Metzelers!

    Metzeler rider Walker wins Erzberg

    This year’s off-road Erzberg Rodeo in Austria was so tough that only seven of the 1800 riders managed to cross the finish line. But KTM mounted Johnny Walker was the eventual winner, and he rode the whole event on Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyres.


    This established extreme enduro event is a brutal race through a iron quarry in Austria, and the main appeal is that it’s an event so hard that you probably can’t finish it:  99.6% of the riders who started this year DNF’d.


    The Rodeo starts with the “Iron Road Prologue”, a competition to whittle the field down to 500 riders.  Jonny Walker came third in the Prologue.


    On race day, Walker was in the first wave of riders to tackle the quarry, which is nicknamed the Iron Giant.  He and Lars Enöckl distanced themselves from other riders early on, but a half hour into the race Walker went over the bars in a field of rocks known as Carl’s Diner.


    Walker riding hard


    The first one across the finish line was trials and enduro ace Brit Graham Jarvis, but he was unfortunately disqualified for missing a terrace in one of the hard sections.  Metzeler rider Walker came in a few minutes later for the official victory in his second-ever Rodeo.  Trials legend Dougie Lampkin came second – also on Metzeler tytes – and Ben Hemingway came in third.


    The Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyre proves itself time and time again: not only the tyre Lampkin and Walker rode on this year, it’s the tyre extreme enduro expert Taddy Blazusiak used to win the inaugural X Games Enduro X event last year.


    It’s a tough tyre (it needs to be!), with Metzeler’s “High Resistence Polyester” carcass and “X-ply” constuction, which keeps the tyre going in the most extreme conditions.  The knobbly design, distribution, and compound provides excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions – check out this Erzberg Rodeo video for proof.



    Erzberg Rodeo 2112 Results:

    1. Jonny Walker, KTM (Metzeler)

    2. Dougie Lampkin, Gas-Gas (Metzeler)

    3. Ben Hemingway, KTM

    4. Paul Bolton, KTM

    5. Taichi Tanaka, KTM

    6. Lars Enöckl, KTM

    7. Dan Hemingway, KTM