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The best TT 2015 calendar around: get yours now!

22 December 2014

The best TT 2015 calendar around: get yours now!

JOURNALIST, artist and motorcycling enthusiast Rachael Clegg has once again stripped bare and braved the cold Isle of Man air to create the 2015 edition of her Isle of Man TT Races calendar, ‘Milestones’.

The evocative calendar features 12 images of Rachael – nude – taken around the TT course, each representing an historic racing story from the globally renowned road-racing event.

‘Everything in the calendar means something. My father and grandfather were TT racers so that course is so special to me. I wanted to celebrate some of the wonderful stories that form the race’s history so, for example, the ‘March’ image shows me in giant comedy glasses taking an eye test at Ballig Bridge.

‘This is because it as here where Harold Daniell had a crash during practice in 1938. Yet in that year’s Junior TT Daniell smashed the 90mph record, in spite of the fact his eyesight was so poor he wore glasses under his goggles and was refused to serve in the army because of his bad vision.’

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