Milan Bike Show 2014: Metzeler test rider winners!

16 November 2014

Milan Bike Show 2014: Metzeler test rider winners!

At the recent Milan Bike Show (EICMA), there were no less than four winners, each of who became a Metzeler Test Rider to try out the new Sportec M7 RR tyres.

The four winners were: Matthew Owen (UK), Olivier Dufour (FR), Giuseppe Sciortino (IT) and David Portillo (ES), with each winner bringing along a companion too.

They all arrived in Milan on Wednesday 5 November, and after a quick tour at EICMA, they attended a Sportec M7 RR product chat presented by Metzeler’s technicians.

The next day, everyone got a chance to go to Vizzola’s test circuit where Pirelli and Metzeler test their tyres under particular conditions, such as wet roads.

After a brief in the morning and a tour of the circuit on the bus, where it was explained how to best ride the track, the winners had the chance to experience the Sportec M7 RR tyres for themselves, supervised by Metzeler’s professional testers.

On Friday the now close-knit group had the opportunity to experience the best from EICMA, taking in all the sights and sounds and plenty of new metal at the bike show. It was a unique experience that the four winners will hardly forget!

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