Metzeler does it again with a third world enduro title!

10 September 2013

Metzeler does it again with a third world enduro title!

Metzeler is now 2013 FIM Enduro World Champion in E1, E2 and E3 classes for the 22nd time in nine years, an incredible achievement.

The last World Enduro Championship of the season, held in St Flour, France, meant Metzeler and its Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyres earned a new world title thanks to the performances of Alex Salvini (HM Honda) in Enduro 2 class of FIM Enduro World Championship.

There was a 33-point gap between Alex Salvini and runner-up Pierre-Alexandre Renet (Husaberg) when they arrived in France. Despite the hellish weather, the Metzeler rider was excited on Saturday night after a new victory.

“What a relief!” confessed a beaming Salvini. “It’s been years since I chased after a first world title in MX or Enduro. I had a great year!”. The HM Honda rider even won the following day again, to prove that he was the strongest rider this season in the E2 class.

With the title of Enduro 1 World Champion already in hand, Metzeler shod Antoine Meo (KTM) came top of the podium on Saturday. Then, after leading 75% of the race on Sunday, the KTM rider made ​​a small mistake which deprived him of a podium (4th).

Once again, Enduro 3 World Champion and Metzeler rider Christopher Nambotin (KTM) has dominated in his class. Already crowned in Greece, the Frenchman showed that he was a tough rider in the rain on Saturday (1st) and even the crash in the second day didn’t ruin his strong season, as he finished more than 53 points ahead of his nearest rival.

During the 2013 season, the Metzeler Six Days Extreme have once again proved their dominance with three World Championship titles in the three main categories of the FIM Enduro World Championship.

Plans are now made for the next season where the Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyres will still be difficult to beat.

The overall final standings:


1) Antoine Meo (Metzeler) 264 pts – 2013 WORLD CHAMPION

2) Juha Salminen 190 pts

3) Matti Seistola 185 pts

6) Christobal Guerrero (Metzeler) 133 pts

10) Simone Albergoni (Metzeler) 92 pts


1) Alex Salvini (Metzeler) 263 pts – 2013 WORLD CHAMPION

2) Pierre-Alexandre Renet 216 pts

3) Ivan Cervantes (Metzeler) 211 pts

4) Johnny Aubert (Metzeler) 205 pts


1) Christophe Nambotin (Metzeler) 250 pts – 2013 WORLD CHAMPION

2) Aigor Leok (Metzeler) 197 pts

3) Joakim Ljunggren 191 pts

8) Manuel Monni (Metzeler) 115 pts

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