Metzeler tyres power the Meneghina Express bike journey

15 July 2013

Metzeler tyres power the Meneghina Express bike journey

Meneghina Express reaches halfway: riders, bikes and Metzeler tyres now continue their adventure on to Kazakhstan

After crossing the vast and exotic Chinese landscapes and the endless Steppes between Mongolia and Russia, the Italian Meneghina Express team arrive in the mysterious Kazakhstan.

It’s now halfway through the long adventure and our Metzeler friends on the two Californian electric bike Zero FX2013s equipped with Metzeler tyres (Six Days Extremes and Enduro 1s, alternated as needed), have already beaten the world record for distance covered on electric motorcycles exceeding 8000 km.

The riders mean to finish the 13,000km journey from China to Italy, retracing the historical trip of Marco Polo. Twenty-seven days have already been ticked off the calendar since the team’s departure from Shanghai, and the fatigue is beginning to be felt.

On rest day, the riders enjoyed visiting Astana, the Kazakh capital founded by the Cossacks. Meanwhile, the bike technicians sort out the Zero bikes, fettling them for the next part of the journey. “The work was done without a hitch – the system has been designed to allow us to recharge the batteries on the go,” said the riders.

Riding from Atbasar to Kostanai they had another 500 km of paved roads without potholes but busy with trucks and traffic. The team has now arrived safely in Qarabutaq – that day’s lunchtime stop meant the batteries could be charged for both bikes and riders, with the latter enjoying a quick bath on the banks of a river.



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