Metzeler explorer Miquel Silvestre has made it to Samarkand!

11 July 2013

Metzeler explorer Miquel Silvestre has made it to Samarkand!

The curtain falls on Miquel Silvestre’s adventure, ‘Ruta Embajada to Samarkand’. After reaching Samarkand, the historic city on the Silk Road through Europe, Asia Minor and Central Asia, Miquel ended his journey last weekend, riding all the way (10,000km) on Metzeler tyres.

Before leaving Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, Miquel changed to his Metzeler Karoo 3 tyres from the Tourance Nexts. After 5000 kilometres over rough terrain, dirty and rocky roads, the Karoo 3’s tread has only worn by 50% compared to a new tyre.

This is an extraordinary result, according to Miquel, for a knobbly tyre that must support the weight of a big adventure bike like his BMW 1200 GS.

“This bike is much more powerful than the previous BMW model” said Silvestre.  The Karoo 3 has supported luggage and rider, a weight greater than 350 kilograms, over difficult terrain with temperatures above 35 degrees.

Miquel went on to say: “Regarding the Karoo 3’s general behaviour, it is well suited both to Tarmac and dirt roads. In this sense, the Metzeler Karoo 3 can be considered the best tyres in the off-road segment. They are also unbeatable in case of braking. I have experienced it against my will when I had to make an emergency stop in Azerbaijan. The Karoo 3 managed to stop the bike safely without the use of ABS. The particular design of the tread in fact offers a larger contact surface with the ground.”

Miquel, who does not like short and easy roads, has returned to the Old Continent through the rugged mountain range of the Carpathians in Romania and the famous Transfagarasan alpine road that runs in the Transylvanian mountains.

After leaving behind the land of the famous King Vlad, Miquel rode to Garmisch, near Munich,to take part in the BMW Motorrad Days sponsored by Metzeler.

Miquel is now currently looking for a sponsorship for his next adventure: Ruta Panamericana Valdés-Valdez, an adventurous journey from Patagonia to Alaska, following the footsteps of the sixteenth century Spanish travellers who explored the new American continent.

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