Update: 5000km into Metzeler supported ride to Uzbekistan

11 April 2013

Update: 5000km into Metzeler supported ride to Uzbekistan

Spanish bike touring journalist Miquel Silvestre has ridden nearly 5000km of his mammoth ride all the way to the ancient city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

This latest project is a collaboration between Metzeler and BMW, and has Miquel riding the famous ‘Ruta Embajada in Samarkand’ (more than 10,000 km), on the new BMW R1200GS, nicknamed Victoria, equipped with Metzeler Tourance Next and Karoo tyres.

Silvestre began his adventure on 16 March from Madrid, and will go on to cross Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, arriving at the famous Uzbek city Samarkand and then ending in Formigal (Spain) at the beginning of September.


We managed to grab a word with Silvestre on 3 April in Barcelona. “The truth is that the Tourance Nexts have fabulous grip on the road, and gives a lot of security and turns in almost like a sportsbike tyre. I honestly get the impression of this being a very fast tyre.

“The goal is to change to the Karoo 3 in Istanbul, although I will probably change the rear tyre first in Verona (Italy) to tackle all stages of Balkans, and to test the off-road capabilities of the tyres. I really want to see how they perform because at that time I’ll be very close to the really tough terrain.”

The Tourance Nexts are versatile tyres with excellent performances both on the road and off-road. The Karoo 3s are fantastic at coping with difficult off-road conditions such as mud and sand. Follow Silvestre’s story on Metzeler’s social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Ridexperience and on www.miquelsilvestre.com

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